play with your food

It’s time for another edition of Play With Your Food! Episode four, entitled “Done and Dungeon” talks about choosing your own path, a key aspect to A Link Between Worlds. Check it out!

What sets ALBW apart from the other Zelda games is the non-linear sequence.  “You are painting the adventure,” Jirard Khalil appropriately mentions. He explains that after the first go ’round, you discover which dungeons hold what treasures, and that can help you on your next quest, especially if you’re playing Hero Mode. “So it encourages you to play it multiple times,” Josh Jepson adds. So what dungeon did you choose first? Let us know!

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Source: Nintendo
Featuring: Michael DavisJosh JepsonJirard KhalilMichael SchroederJD Witherspoon & TJ Smith
Via: Nintendo Everything