If you have gotten to play the new Zelda title, A Link Between Worlds, you may be familiar with the Geldmen enemies. These Spider-Manreminiscent creatures emerge out of the sand and wave their arms in an attempt to hit Link as he solves puzzles and wields his sand wand. Most players just slash them aside and forget about them, but if you follow a new route, the result is so much more satisfying.

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Many of us would look at these sand monsters and think they were only a manifestation of head, shoulders/arms and a chest, but using the Sand Rod reveals a whole body and the poor choice of a red thong bedecking this enemy’s pelvic area. Check out the hilarious video of what happens when you expose their wardrobes!

As you can see, these particular monsters are really just gym junkies sporting some revealing man panties! Drag them out of the sand and they run away ashamed. If you’re stuck in or sick of the desert, blow off some steam in the most satisfying of ways by publicly shaming these mean monsters.

Source: Vine
Via: GoNintendo
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