The Speed Gamers

Starting December 13th through to December 16th, The Speed Gamers will be hosting a 72-hour long livestream of their fifth Zelda marathon. They will be playing through all of the mainline games in the series in an attempt finish them all, and more importantly,  to raise money for Mercy Corps. This is a charity which is dedicated to helping out people affected by natural disasters to survive, and are currently helping those affected by the typhoon in the Philippines.

They aim to raise $15,000 for the cause, and if they reach that goal by December 16th, the marathon will be extended by another 24 hours. Over the course of the event, anyone who donates at least $5 will be eligible to win Zelda-related prizes, including games, hand-made collectibles, and more to be announced in the near future.

We at Zelda Universe will be showing our support by embedding the livestream, meaning you can catch the whole event right here! Be sure to tune in and, if possible, donate generously. In the meantime, you can check out the currently announced prizes here, as well as more updates and events on the website.

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