play with your food

In honor of A Link Between Worlds, Nintendo has released a second video in their Play With Your Food Youtube series.

Held in the Lost Woods, Youtube personality TJ Smith hosts a Zelda potluck. The menu included Red Potion soup, Rupee berry mix and Triforce shaped Hylian cakes. You can watch the video after the jump.

Prior to the party, Nintendo provided all the guests with copies of ALBW, allowing for a hearty discussion of the newest edition to the Zelda franchise while enjoying their dinner.

Jirard Khalil aka “The Completionist” has already managed to play through the game three times.  “It reminded me of the first time I got my first Zelda game, he said, “I was four years old again opening my Super Nintendo.” Josh Jepson agrees, “It feels an awful lot like a classic Zelda game.” Michael Davis of The Warp Zone remembered the woman who turned you into a soldier in A Link to the Past. He went into ALBW seeking revenge on that woman, only to discover she wasn’t there, finally letting go of a long time held grudge.

You can find recipes for all these yummy dishes on Pinterest. I can’t wait to cook up a batch of that Red Potion soup!

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Featuring: Michael Davis, Josh Jepson, Jirard Khalil, Michael Schroeder, JD Witherspoon & TJ Smith