Super Smash Bros - Skyloft Waterfall

The swordsman you’re seeing in today’s Smash screenshot isn’t Link, but the sleepy-headed, newly confirmed fighter Marth at the feet of the Wii Fit Trainer–and I don’t think he’ll be resting until the fitness guru says so! Anyway, while there isn’t a Hylian in sight, there is another closer look at the Skyloft stage in the upcoming Wii U version.

This time we get a better glimpse at the waterfall and the area surrounding it. As always the stage is looking beautiful and packed with detail. You can see every asset from the Skyloft in Skyward Sword here; the pumpkin patches, flowerbeds, and even the nest on the windmill. You can’t blame Marth for dozing off–if I were to visit a place this peaceful, I probably would too.

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Source: Miiverse