We have more information on the StreetPass feature in A Link Between Worlds. Earlier, we learned about finding Shadow Link and how different weapons affect the bounty. As usual, spoilers after the jump!

Going into battle with only one heart? Don’t worry. Your health is restored before and after every fight with Shadow Link.

During regular gameplay, if you die while carrying rental equipment, Ravio takes everything back. However if  Shadow Link defeats you, all of your items remain in your pack. With no threat of losing hearts or items, fighting Shadow Link can only be beneficial.

Equipping your Shadow Link with a net, a bottle and only three hearts won’t create much of a challenge. Therefore, its bounty would be much lower than one who is holding a sword, upgraded bow and eight hearts.

Completing challenges such as winning your first battle or using a bomb to deliver the final blow will earn you medals. You can earn up to 50 medals, and the number you have gets displayed for everyone you tag to see.

WiiFolderJosh has put together an excellent video explaining StreetPass in action. You can watch it below!

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Source: GoNintendo