Operation Moonfall - Mega Update 4

The latest “mega update” from the Operation: Moonfall Kickstarter (more information here) has arrived, and this one’s a huge deal. The team have now completed their “Fierce Deity” 20×30 print run–which means that the posters are ready to be sent to Nintendo!

Nintendo executives, and 48 very generous backers, will be receiving their very own print soon. This is the moment that the team has all been waiting for, and what this whole campaign has been centred on. The posters should raise awareness of the demand for the Majora’s Mask remake, which is the sole passion behind Operation Moonfall. It will certainly be interesting to see if any Nintendo employees issue statements regarding the arrival of their posters. As always, head over to the update page to check out the work-in-progress shots, which show all the different print layers. Congratulations to all involved in the project, including everyone who donated!

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Source: Kickstarter