The piano is such a beautiful instrument. It always manages to capture the classical sound of the Zelda soundtrack. This week, we’re covering our favorite Zelda piano arrangements.  Hit the jump to see what we picked!

Amanda’s Pick:

As a piano player myself, I was absolutely blown away by Lara de Wit’s Ocarina of Time medley. Dressed as Link, she performs a piano medley with incredible skill. Covering pieces such as the Lost Woods and Gerudo Valley is no easy task, yet she makes it seem completely effortless.

Mark’s Pick:

Majora’s Mask is home to some of the most beautifully dark tunes in the Zelda franchise. One of the standouts from this list is Stone Tower Temple, which has an eerily sad and gorgeous ring to it. This rendition of the tune is by Second Chance, and is mainly piano with one or two other minor instruments thrown in. This is one of the top pieces that I have wanted to be able to play on the piano. Enjoy!