Most of you, if not all, should be familiar with the famous Zelda treasure chest which is included in many A Link Between Worlds game bundles and limited edition packages. It also comes as a pre-order bonus in several countries. While it was initially announced to be a GAME UK exclusive, this Zelda collectible is traveling across the globe. It is available in Spain (XtraLife, GAME’s Spanish branch), the Netherlands (Game Mania), France (fnac), Australia (EB Games), Canada (Best Buy) and the country for which it had been originally announced: the United Kingdom (GAME UK). Meanwhile, Germany was sitting in the corner, upset about not having the possibility to obtain this nice little chest and envying its neighbors for receiving it.

German fans have been waiting for some time. Many people tried to pre-order the chest in one of the above mentioned online shops, but without much success, since pre-orders via Paypal were reported to have been canceled. As such, Nintendo’s latest newsletter took most, if not all of us, by surprise. In their latest newsletter they confirm that this item will be distributed in Germany too. Nintendo of Europe is organizing a raffle for its eager German customers. The first 1,000 people who register A Link Between Worlds are going to be rewarded with the small, famous musical chest which has five slots for 3DS games.

This event starts November 22 at midnight and comes with a few requirements: anyone participating must be at least 18 years old, live in Germany, and must be a member of Club Nintendo. Furthermore, you can only join the raffle once per person. The winner will receive an email at their registered email address, and will have to reply within seven days providing their delivery address. If the winner does not reply within the seven day time limit, his or her name is removed from the raffle and the next person on the list will receive an email.

In their newsletter, Nintendo emphasized that the registration of downloaded games requires your Nintendo 3DS/Nintendo 3DSXL to be registered with your Club Nintendo account, which suggests that registration of downloaded games counts too.

If you want to go for the digital copy of the game, you should keep in mind that the game will require at least 5440 Blocks of free space, which roughly equals 68oMB. Therefore, those who wish to download the game will need at a 1GB SD card at the very least. Since all 3DS’ come with a 2GB or 4GB SD card, you should prepare yourself for the download and make sure that you have enough space left. In the case that your SD card is filled with too many games, you’ll either have to buy a larger SD card, or delete some games in order to free up space for A Link Between Worlds.

Take into consideration that it usually takes some time before you can register downloaded games with your Club Nintendo account (unlike physical ones, which can be registered instantly.)

While it sounds great that they’re handing out the item for free, it will be really difficult to get your hands on one of these collectible chests! Good luck German fans.

Source: Nintendo,
Via:  Just Push Start [1], Zelda Europe [2]