A Link Between Worlds - NTSC Cartridge Art

Associate Editor of IGN Jose Otero appears to have his hands on the retail box of A Link Between Worlds, and has kindly shared photos on Twitter. He found something rather interesting on the packaging–or more specifically, it was what he didn’t find that was interesting. The Nintendo Network logo, which appeared on early box art online, had a Nintendo Network logo in the top right corner. The final version of the box doesn’t, suggesting that, as Otero rightly speculates, it was a mistake on the previous box art. More importantly, it means that there seem to be no online features for the game after all.

Otero also tweeted a photo of the cartridge (above), providing us with our first look at the cartridge art. It features Link in his hieroglyph form, coloured in gold as you’d expect. This is the NTSC (US) version of the game, and he also confirms that only Europe will receive a reversible cover; as was the case for Wind Waker HD. Are you disappointed in the lack of any online modes?

Source: Twitter [1], Twitter [2]
Via: GoNintendo
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