Operation Moonfall Poster (Update 3)

A couple of weeks ago, Operation Moonfall, the group that strives to raise Nintendo’s awareness of the demand for a Majora’s Mask remake, had some recent “mega updates”. Here is the third, which finally introduces process photos of the first full poster run. The end result sure is gorgeous, as you can see above. The stages leading up to to the posters’ completion is also fascinating, and you can check out many more photos of the printing process here!

The update mentions that the order of printing has now changed slightly. This print run is for “Orange Rupee” backers (donators of $45 or more), with printer Mo now moving onto “Fierce Deity” backers ($145 or more). They will then work on prints for “Red Rupee” backers ($55 or more) and “move on from there”. Also, the original fulfullment date of November 2013 has now shifted an “extra month/month and a half” due to the unprecedented scale that the project has taken.

Source: Operation Moonfall Kickstarter