GameXplain, who recently visited Nintendo’s San Francisco offices to get an inside scoop on A Link Between Worlds, has uploaded new gameplay footage from their most recent visit! As far as off-screen footage goes, it’s pretty decent quality and the audio quality is excellent.  The video contains spoilers, so hit after the jump to view the video and a little bit of analysis!

The video begins right in front of Link’s home, which has been transformed into Ravio’s shop by this juncture in the game. The main Zelda theme has never been played with such clarity before. Observing a small glimpse of the bottom screen, it is shown that by this point in the game Link has all three Pendants of Virtue and has claimed the Master Sword, which very well may be a prerequisite for entering Lorule. There are also seven empty icons surrounding the pendants, and these most likely represent the Sages that Link has to rescue, similar to how Link has to save the maidens in A Link to the Past. The same Triforce statues are shown in Lorule that were once shown in the Dark World, only now, the Triforce symbol is inverted. This causes me believe that although these are two different worlds, there is some kind of connection between the Dark World and Lorule that has not yet been revealed. It is also shown that the entrances to Lorule are not so blatantly out in the open and may take a bit of exploration to find, taking advantage of Link’s ability to turn into a drawing.

Once Link reaches what is now Turtle Rock, Hilda speaks to Link telepathically. This confirms an earlier report that stated that Hilda communicates with Link telepathically throughout the game, and she welcomes Link back to Lorule Kingdom. From this point on, much of what happens is what we have already learned: Link has to save three baby turtles in order to gain entrance into Turtle Rock. This proves not to be such an easy feat though, and the user actually dies at one point, losing all of his rented items in the process. I could see why dying in this game could end up being a frustrating ordeal, but it also creates an extra challenge for the gamer which is an enticing prospect, considering the last few Zelda games have been relatively easy compared to games past. It also forces the gamer to choose the weapons they rent wisely, as if you die a lot, you will have to spend more and more Rupees to regain those items back. A true dilemma, but it has the potential to pose a real challenge and force gamers to choose what they rent very carefully.

The game looks great, it sounds great, and even though Link’s childish grunts may get on my nerves occasionally, A Link Between Worlds seems to have the perfect mix of old and new that will keep the series fresh.

Source: GameXplain
Via: GoNintendo