The artwork for A Link Between Worlds becomes more and more impressive upon each release, and this latest piece is no exception. Unfortunately I can’t say any more about it right here without potentially spoiling what could possibly be a late scenario in the game–that said, I wouldn’t say it was so spoiler-heavy that it would ruin your experience (this is official artwork from Nintendo, after all), so if you want to check it out go ahead and read on!

Here we see Link in a dark and creature-ridden castle.  When I first looked at this, I thought that this could possibly be a revisit of Ganon’s Tower from A Link to the Past, considering the emphasised darkness and the fact that Link looks slightly more mature here–as though he’s already far into his adventure. However, upon closer inspection, I’d say it seems far more likely that this is Lorule’s version of Hyrule Castle. Those red carpets and blue floor are unmistakeable! Plus, Link is holding a lantern in this scene, a possible homage to the beginning of A Link to the Past where Link traverses through the castle with his trusty first item.

Regardless of what the image shows, I think it’s safe to say that there’s at least no disagreement in how fantastic it looks. The art direction has been consistently stunning, and the artwork undoubtedly contributed to making a similarly gorgeous-looking game.

A Link Between Worlds spoiler artwork

Source: GoNintendo