Europe is getting all the good freebies with A Link Between Worlds!

On top of all the other goodies, including the recently announced 3DS XL bundle, our European friends will also see a reversible cover for the game case. In similar fashion to the Wind Waker HD reversible case display, A Link Between Worlds features some exclusive artwork being sported on the fan pages as the hidden display.

Which cover do you like better, the gold or the green?

Source: Nintendo Everything
  • anon

    good because I won't buy games anymore unless they have a reversible cover.
    an absolute necessity in this day and age, methinks.

  • Jordan

    Brilliant :3 Loving this <3

  • FFWF

    Europe usually gets coloured covers rather than golden covers. It feels to me like an edict was issued from on high to use the gold cover like America, but there was also a sense that European fans would be a bit miffed at not getting the coloured version. Hence we essentially get the best of both worlds. Appropriate, if you think about it.