A Link Between Worlds - Sand Rod

If you caught our news last week, you might recall that we stumbled across a brand new item hidden deep in a huge new collection of artwork. Thanks to the efforts of Link’s Hideaway, we now may just have an official name for it. If you consider this a spoiler, please don’t read any further. For those itching to know, however, find out the name of the new item after the jump!

The item is known as the “Sand Rod”, according to the file properties of the official European Press image. This is supported with the fact that all of the other images from the same source also have file names with the names of the items, such as the sword, shield and Fire Rod.

Here’s a screen cap of the properties:


While we now know the name, we don’t officially know its abilities–though it seems reasonable to suggest that this will definitely manipulate sand in some way. The immediate comparison that comes to mind is that of the Sand Wand from Spirit Tracks, which solidified sand into walls. The Sand Rod could have the same ability, but perhaps it could also raise sand, temporarily blind enemies with sand, clear sand from your path, or even a mixture of those ideas. What do you think it will do?

Source: Link’s Hideaway