The Zelda series has always delivered new, innovative material. Ocarina of Time gave us our first 3D experience, Wind Waker brought on a new art design and Skyward Sword featured a different method of controlling as well as a new story-line.

In an interview with IGN, Aonuma remembers his initial response to the Zelda portion of the Gamecube tech demo. “I saw that movie and I thought, ‘No, this isn’t Zelda. This isn’t Zelda at all,” he said. While the video featuring an intense battle between Ocarina of Time styled Link and Ganondorf was visually appealing, Aonuma found it lacked meaning. Hit the jump to see what he said!

“I felt like this wasn’t what I imagined Zelda to be. It wasn’t the Zelda I wanted to make. That video clip didn’t actually contain any big surprises. There wasn’t any kind of revelation going on. It was more like a continuation of the previous version.”
Source: IGN
Via: Nintendo Everything
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  • Ryano

    Why does this not surprise me?

  • DarkOwl

    It was a tech demo not a trailer! It existed solely to demonstrate the graphics potential of the Gamecube. What was he expecting to see? New fancy gameplay ideas?

    But if he wasn't involved in making it, it does raise the question 'who was?'

    On the topic of the graphic style, you have to agree it's pretty unique amongst the Zelda games. It's more detailed than the N64 games, whilst not attempting to look too realistic. Whether this was intentional or not I can't tell, but I still like it and would love to see a full title made in this style.

    • Karuma

      Say that to the fans who thought GC Zelda was going to be like the demo because THEY thought it was a trailer. Also say it to those who still think the WiiU demo is also a trailer for Zelda U. Aonuma only expressed WHY he wasnt particularly impressed by it and why he went another direction, not that he expected anything. That's the fans' job. He makes the games, he doesn't have to expect anything from the actual games.

      • heroofmasks

        sp true they even said the next zelda wiiu game will be neither realistic or cartoon realistic and yet people are till saying the next game will look like the wiiu demo

    • The tech demo was made by Yoshiaki Koizumi.

  • Doc

    I would much rather get a Zelda like that tech demo than another remake

    • TrueHylianHero

      A better Ocarina remake, perhaps? The 3DS game was too much of the same, without any expansions to extend the story and gameplay. Or as mentioned in a previous article, Ocarina from Zelda's view.

  • RPH1

    I was more impressed with the multi-Marios and Luigi's Mansion parts than the Link-Ganondorf part. I thought it looked a little cheesy. Also, the GameCube can make better looking graphics than that. Look at LOTR The 3rd Age, or Metroid Prime 1 & 2.

  • Considering this tech demo was made by Yoshiaki Koizumi, it's no wonder Eiji Aonuma disliked it.

    • RPH1

      I had no idea who that was, so I binged him and found his Wikipedia page. He has some really nice credits. Stuff like artwork for ALTTP, Z Targeting system, character design for OoT child and teen Link and Zelda, MM character design of Link, Deku Link, Goron Link, Zora Link, Fierce Deity Link, and creator of Three-Day System.

  • I disliked the the way the Zelda series has gone since the N64 versions. I wish that tech demo was a representation of where the game-cube Zelda was going.

    I can't stand this New Link descendant thing we constantly get. That the overall story never really feels like its progressing. And that tech demo shows off some at the time impressive things like the lighting, shadowing and bump-mapping. Twilight Princess felt like sharper version of an N64 game rather then doing anything progressive in the graphics department.

    • DarkLink1996

      Ever since ALttP it was a new Link, so don't even go there

      • Yea and i can't stand that. Lets face it. Nes games were good, but i would considered a link to the past more of a reboot then a real sequel (despite all the time-line theories and contradiction statements Nintendo throws out there. ) . And I think it was a well needed and well done reboot. Then we have Link's awakening, which i love just as much as a link to the past.

        Then the 3D games started coming out, Ocarina of time felt like another "reboot but sort of prequel" . I was cool with this cause we just put link in the 3rd perspective. so at this point i would have been happy with the LTTP link story line continuing on the handhelds, and the N64 Link continuing on the consoles.

        But every two games i feel like its just another "restart". Link discovers who he is, and we get the same basic plot as we've been getting since LTTP. I enjoy the games still, but I feel like its getting steal. I'm never excited about what the next zelda game will be about, because i already know its going to be pretty standard stuff.

        I know alot of people rip on Majora's Mask, but that game was amazing to me. The fact the the environment was so part of the story and all the Non playable characters. The fact they took the "time" element in ocarina of time and really pushed it in both game mechanics and as a plot device made is so interesting.

        I have not really seen Nintendo push the envelope like that since with a Zelda game.