A Link Between Worlds - Full Size Artwork

You might just recognise this gorgeous piece of official artwork for A Link Between Worlds. While we featured a cropped version of the image you see above a couple of weeks ago, and published some more variations of it yesterday, here is the full and expanded version without any watermarks. This comes courtesy of Official Nintendo Magazine UK editor Chandra Nair via Twitter, who also provided a bunch of new details of the game for us last week.

The image is almost twice the size of its original version, with an expansion on the left side. One of the sages is now included and pictured next to Princess Zelda, and the peaceful deer on the grass are reflected as mysterious masked characters/creatures. Its the trees that create perhaps the best contrast of Hyrule and Lorule, with a beautiful collection of lush green mirrored by dark, menacing branches.

It’s interesting to rotate the image upside-down and change the perspective of the worlds. Despite the dimensions not quite at the optimal lengths, this could be quality desktop wallpaper material.

Source: Twitter
Via: GoNintendo