wiiWe are sad to announce the official end of Wii production in Japan, as reported by the Official Nintendo Magazine. This comes from the change in nomenclature on Nintendo’s website from “manufacturing is scheduled to end soon” to “manufacturing has ended.” Before we all panic, however, this official announcement is applicable to Japan only, and does not signify a global shut down of Wii production. Hit the jump to see more.

You may have seen our previous news piece articulating that Nintendo had announced the end of Wii production in Japan was imminent, which is also available here. We let you know that the Wii is one of the top three selling consoles in Nintendo history, following the DS and GameBoy. It opened the door for parents to engage in gaming with their children and started the alternative playing method of active gaming, which exploded in Sony, Microsoft and even Apple technology. The Wii was revolutionary and I will continue to use mine for as long as I can, holding out until the eventual wholesale ending of production.

In honor of a great and memorable system, we’ve put together some fun facts about the Wii for you to consider during Japan’s last hurrah with the Wii:

  • The Wii has three games that make the top 10 highest grossing video games as of last year according to digitalbattle.com. Super Mario Bros is 6th with $1.2 billion in sales, Wii Play is 5th with $1.25 billion and Mario Kart Wii took third with $1.4 billion in sales, beaten only by COD Black Ops and World of Warcraft.



  • GameSpot reports over 872 million games have been sold to date, with 34 million of that being our champion, Mario Kart Wii.


  • The Wii has sold over 100 million units, easily outstripping the competition, as Microsoft sold 78.2 million units, leaving Sony in the back with 77 million Play Station 3 unites sold.

Luckily for the U.S. at least, Nintendo America representatives told GameSpot that Wii production will continue in the West, adding that the announcement was specific to Japan. It’s very likely that other Nintendo branches will also continue to produce and sell the Wii.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine