Despite a rather slow selling launch, Nintendo’s latest console seems to be picking up some steam. The month of September was an immensely positive month in terms of Wii U sales in the United States and the United Kingdom. US sales of the console jumped up 200% in the past month, and UK sales skyrocketed 685% in the last week.

This increase in sales is obviously attributed to two recent factors. First, the Wii U’s price was cut $50, lowering it to $300. Probably more important though, The Wind Waker HD was released for download at the end of September, and the physical bundle was shipped out in early October. The combination of a price cut and a better line up of first party titles is definitely doing the Wii U some favors.

Source: Nintendo Magazine UK
  • Tony Single

    WOOT! You GO you good thing!

  • Spamcaptchasucks

    Be careful of sales statistics. Just because a device sells well doesn't mean people are actually happy with it and may only use it once or twice then it goes in the closet.

    I am not bashing anything so if you Nintentards think that it's all on you and you're imaginary battles. Hope you enjoy fighting yourself!

  • Spamcaptchasucks

    Hell I miss the good ole days of third party developers Nintendo used to have that brought great racing games and some FPS to help during Nintendo's droughts.

    Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo Tooie were and are my favorite N64 games in the RareWare category. Diddy Kong Racing on the N64 is !$!$ hard.