Last week Nintendo UK announced a limited edition bonus with UK retailer GAME for A Link Between Worlds that includes the famous Zelda musical treasure chest. Since that announcement, there has been speculation on whether Nintendo would include pre-order bonus’ or limited editions for other regions. Well, it has been recently announced that both Australia and Spain will be offering the musical treasure box as a pre-order item from EBGames and GAME respectively.

In Australia, EBGames will not be offering the treasure box in the same limited edition package as GAME, and will instead give the item with the pre-ordered game at not extra cost. The A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL that was recently announced for the UK will also make its way to Australia through EBGames. Unfortunately, the treasure box will not be included with the bundle, and can only be bought with a copy of the game. A Link Between Worlds and the 3DS XL bundle will both be available on November 23 in Australia.

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Via: Nintendo Life
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