Take a seat and grab some popcorn, because Kotaku recently spoke to Eiji Aonuma about ideas for a Legend of Zelda film adaptation. More after the jump!

Aonuma said the idea for a Zelda movie had been tossed around, including ideas for making the movie interactive and inviting audience participation in some way.

“This is something that me and Mr. Miyamoto talked about. If we were to make a Zelda title, if we had interest in doing that, I think really what would be most important to us is to be able to play with the format of a movie, make it more interactive, like you’re able to take your 3DS into the theater and that leads you into participating in it somehow. We wouldn’t want to make it the same as any other movie. We want to somehow change what a movie is.”

The idea sounds intriguing, but as a major film buff, I would hope that the movie itself is of a high quality before adding in interactive extras. Video game movies have a tendency to flop at the box office, so Aonuma and the rest of the team would have their work cut out for them. However, it might be fun bringing my 3DS to the theater! What do you think about a Legend of Zelda movie adaptation? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Kotaku
Via: Nintendo Everything
  • taiavatar 222

    This idea is very good. So great to see zelda in 3DS theater.
    tai avatar 222

  • Colt

    I love Nintendo…and I love Miyamoto and Aonuma….but if a Zelda movie were to be made, I would want it as far from their hands as possible. Give it to a director with a proven track record for adaptions/working across multiple mediums, and let them have total creative control to make it into a quality film. Keep campy gimmicks out of the mix.

    • UltimaLink

      sure lets give it to the guy that made that Mario Bros Movie 😀

      • craZ

        Oh, that was the worst 🙂

      • Melena

        I loved that movie, actually 🙂

    • TheGrave

      Sure, let's put it in Michael Bay's hands instead so a Stalfos can explode every time Link hits it with a sword.

    • Zeltyc

      Please no, or at least, a co-working project. I mean, it would really suck if they don't respect the series, I'd want to literally kill them if they do someting like the dragonball movie with the Zelda series. (I burned like 10 copies of the dragonball movie) I have no respect to people who remasters great series into american movie…

  • ijuinkun

    Live action game based movies tend to flop at the box office, but animated ones tend to do better, especially within the Japanese market.

  • Sanguiluna

    "We wouldn't want to make it the same as any other movie. We want to somehow change what a movie is."

    Nintendo, ladies and gentlemen.

    • Bob

      Yeah we all read the article bud.

  • Trance

    I wouldn't like the fact that the 3DS would have to be used. All that lighting would be really distracting.

  • dragonchi26

    I'm certainly not the first person to say this, But I would REALLY want a Zelda Movie to be done by Studio Ghibli.

    • Ransom

      but then it would be over before he fights the first boss. XD

  • Luciano92

    I would honestly prefer the next Zelda to be film instead of a game, as long as it was quality, that is. I think a new medium could be really good for Zelda.

  • X_factor

    To be honest, I can't see how something like this is remotely possible. To interact with a movie at the same time as a hundred others, How could the movie possible have a concrete ending? Is there really anything wrong with having and normal high quality (animated) movie that's so good it could be concidered canon and be admitted into the timeline? I don't think so…

  • I will buy tickets and popcorn to go see this movie when it was shown. a great idea. I will invite my boyfriend go. sure he will love it
    game iwin

  • Will

    A Zelda movie would be amazing. What I want to know is, if they do a movie will it be cannon and where would it fit? The film format would open so many doors to add original content to the series. It would also be a nice shot-in-the-arm for the Zelda franchise and for Nintendo itself, especially after Skyward Sword and the problems that were associated with it. (Not the game killer that required you to go way out of the way to get it) I think it could be a fun experience!

    • Spamcaptchasucks

      I can't believe you're comment got so many downvotes and you weren't even being rude.

      People on this site seem to get so butt hurt over positive changes.

  • DarkLink1996

    hmm… If they were to do something like that it wouldn't suit a theater, maybe if they put it on the eShop or a Cartridge… I don't know, but it would certainly be interesting…

    Too bad this is all theoretical, though.

  • MmoGuy

    A movie is not a game and a game is not a movie… i like it that way… just make a goddamn movie

  • Ransom

    I'm fine with a movie if I directed it.

  • Nonelse

    No, no and no to a Zelda movie. Zelda are games. Movies kill franchise. If Hollywood gets a hold Zelda it would be a musical staring Justin Bieber as Link, Taylor Swift as Zelda, be set in modern day Seattle. The main plot would involve Link trying to win the heart of his High School crush Zelda who is dating Gannon.

    • Davad

      Anything that would ACTUALLY happen would be better that that.

  • LegendofShy

    I don't know. It sounds cool for a movie, but I'm curious of how it would go.

  • The Doctor

    Chris Hemsworth would make the best Link.

  • Zelda Paradox

    They should make movies of all sorts of things using the graphics for a game and turn it into a movie and make them on cartridges kinda like the PSP.

  • heroofmasks

    just make a cgi keep it like a zelda game and do not i repeat do not give link a voice otherwise it would ruin the feel nintendo gace to link him being the link between the players and the game and for the love nintendo this time have someone who worked on the zelda games to be part of the production so if the director or script writer tried to do something awful like give link a voice or gun can say hey no were sticking to what makes zelda zelda trust me midevil type stuff arnt good when u try to modern it just look at the romeo and juliet modern movie where they had guns instead of swords and knives

  • HylianHero


  • MakeMineFreedom

    I hope it works out. This site is VERY bias towards positive change and the negative attitude of most people on the forums gives me the willies that gives Ganondorf a run for the money.

  • taylormurch

    Maybe they should just make a normal movie, and then the DVD comes out on the Wii U and there are bonus features on that that are interactive. I think it'd be odd and distracting to make it interactive in a movie theatre.

    The screenplay should be written by an intelligent fan of the series–someone who respects it, but is not afraid to make the changes that would have to be made to adapt it. And then directed by someone like Peter Jackson. It would all have to be done carefully.

    Also, I don't believe a movie can kill a franchise. It's just an adaption that is independent of the canon. That's like saying a movie can ruin its book–it can't, you just have to be objective about it.

    • taylormurch

      Oh, and I do agree that I wouldn't want Nintendo to be 100% in charge. They make video games, not movies. Yes, they tell good stories in their medium, but for a movie, you have to have people who make movies. And considering how much of a challenge it would be to adapt, you really need someone with the experience. Maybe the screenplay writer should just consult with them.
      *Unless they did an animated movie. Then it'd just be like one long cutscene, which they're quite good at doing, in my opinion (I swear, a third of Twilight Princess is just watching a nice movie).

  • Echon

    An…interactive movie? An…hour-and-an-half to three hour long series of quicktime events…or something more along the lines of "Blue's Clues"?

    I'm not against a movie, just extremely wary. The expected standard of video game-based movies range to 'flop' to 'I want those three hours of my life back along with a ticket refund NOW'. *sighs* But an 'interactive' movie…. "Metal Gear Solid" 4 anyone? The cutscenes are so long, they give you control of Metal Gear Mk. II to wander Otacon and Snake's homebase for something to do….

    • Echon

      I.E.: "Beyond: Two Souls"

      Should've been a movie….