Nintendo likes to reward its customers with pre-order exclusives; that’s nothing new, as the latest Zelda games already rewarded loyal fans who pre-ordered their games with WWHD’s figurine and Skyward Sword’s special edition Wii Remote.

Recently, Aonuma and Iwata got together and promoted a pre-order bonus for A Link Between Worlds in a Vine video: a small musical treasure chest. Unfortunately, UK readers may not be able to get their hands on it after all.

Nintendo UK tweeted the small video clip for its community to get excited about, adding that the shown item would be exclusive to UK retailer GAME.

In the clip you can see Aonuma holding out his hand. On top of it magically appears a small treasure chest out of nowhere. When he opens the tiny box, it plays the famous and oh-so-familiar sound.

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Nintendo listed the retailer that gives away this cute gimmick as GAME, but the company is rather confused. They don’t have any pre-order rewards to announce! They didn’t confirm any boni and, while GAME is in hot-headed discussion with the three goddesses in order to deliver something special, nothing is final yet.


This leaves the fans rather confused. A pre-order bonus which is announced as GAME exclusive suddenly won’t be stocked by them at all? Instead of GAME, some Spanish companies are now promoting their A Link Between Worlds copy with the miniature chest pre-order bonus. Some of those include and GAME’s Spanish branch.

GAME also reminded customers that the previously announced special edition 3DS XL bundle is available to pre-order today.


Update: It seems the debate with the goddess trio is over as GAME revealed their pre-order bonus.


For the price of £49.99 GAME offers a small A Link Between Worlds pre-order bonus package, containing a physical copy of the game as well as a digital download code for Link’s Awakening, which you will receive immediately after you placed your order. That’s not everything! It also includes an exclusive glossy artwork poster and the famous musical treasure chest which can be used to store game cartridges.

Keep in mind that you will receive the download code for Link’s Awakening almost immediately as such you won’t be able to cancel your pre-order again.

For those of you who are still eager to place their pre-order, you can do so in their online shop.


Source: GAME on Twitter
Via: NeoGAF