A Link Between Worlds - Yuga

Among the luckiest people in the world right now is Chandra Nair, editor of Official Nintendo Magazine UK, who has his hands on review code for A Link Between Worlds. On the ONM blog, he shares some details from his first four hours into the game.

I wouldn’t consider the following too spoiler-heavy, for anyone concerned; the villain’s name and background is revealed, and there is some new info on items and potions. It’s exciting stuff and shouldn’t ruin your own experience, so read on to see for yourself!

To begin, Chandra praises the music. It’s no surprise that the game has a great soundtrack, but he does confirm that there are tracks that “blend classical guitars with brass section”. He also has positive things to say about the 3D effect, even as someone who turns the slider down most of the time.

The game opens with Link delivering a sword to “the captain of the palace guard”. The villain’s name is Yuga, who appears and turns a sage named Ceres into a painting before attacking Link. Yuga has some connection to Ganon, and aims to gather the seven sages in order to escape from the magical prison containing the pale-faced villain. His/her gender still appears to be a mystery, though.

Potions are brewed by witches if you can find and provide them with certain ingredients. These are dropped by different enemies, such as “Monster Guts”. Also, the full range of button assignments isn’t accessible at the start of the game. You can only assign an item to the Y button at first, until you obtain the Pouch which allows you to assign to the X button.

One of the first items you’ll find is the Hint Glasses, which allow you to see Hint Ghosts and hidden doorways. Hint Ghosts demand payment before giving you hints.

He also says that you will be able to sample the bow and the hieroglyph ability within the first few hours of play. He ends by saying that it has an ALttP feel while also feeling like “a brand new adventure”, continuing to sing its praises by demanding “you need this game”. The man has spoken.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine UK
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