Eric Buchholz, famous for his work on  The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony,  The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, and his work as a director for ZREO,  is currently participating in the recent Pokemon Reorchestrated project on Kickstarter. Eric has joined the Pokemon Reorchestrated team for a new project titled “Double Team!”Eric is collaborating with the creator of the project, Braxton Burks, who has worked on other Pokemon arrangements such as the Generation II project, Johto Legends. Eric Buchholz will work with Braxton in composing and arranging the music for this project.

Pokemon Reorchestrated is a project that is dedicated to creating and arranging orchestral arrangements for the music of the Pokemon series. Double Team aims to be a 30-minute collection of new orchestral arrangements of some of the best music from the Pokemon games. Both Eric and Braxton will be arranging one track from each generation, with even a possibility or arrangements from the recently released Pokemon X and Y! The goal of the project is to reach $18,000 pledged by the beginning of November.

The full details of the project, including all the reward tiers and other information can be found on the project’s main Kickstarter page. It’s great to have Eric onboard for the project; his contributions to Zelda orchestral arrangements have been spectacular, and his involvement in Pokemon Reorchestrated is shaping up to be no different!

Source: Kickstarter
  • Jon

    I'm glad and happy to see him continuing on his venture in the video game music world. I really want him to succeed, and I hope to see his name someday as a major contributor to the music in a future project.

    That being said, it was a sad day for everybody when it was announced that Zelda Reorchestrated would be disbanded.

    • Zelda Paradox

      I agree, It had a long, good life.
      …..wonder if one day there will be a Sonic Reorchestrated…..

  • Beta Dachi

    And he did a good job with it. hes a good guy too 🙂

  • Rimskye

    He did a great job of everything done so far, so I can't wait to hear this; I am a fan of Pokémon myself.