We know that  Princess Hilda of A Link Between Worlds is the land of Lorule’s version of Princess Zelda, but her character is still a mystery. At this past weekend’s New York Comic-Con, Eiji Aonuma gives a little insight on Princess Hilda:

“Obviously they’re both princesses and they both have kingdoms that they love and want to support, but Lorule is a place where something cataclysmic has happened in the past. So, with Hilda, her feelings of wanting to save her country are perhaps a bit stronger than Zelda because Zelda is living in peaceful Hyrule. It’s not as strong for her. I think that difference in motivation for each of them is where the differences come in.”
Source: Kotaku
Via: Nintendo Everything
  • kelso

    Hilda and Zelda, like Sabrina the teenage witch's aunts names hehehe.

    • Amanda

      Yes! I thought that too!

  • Bob


  • This is why I love Zelda. The little things. <3

  • Mickii

    Hilda reminds me of Midna. Both are basically Zelda's counterpart in a dark kingdom that mirrors Hyrule, and it appears both have less luxuries than Zelda.

  • TheGrave

    I still wonder if there will be a twist where Hilda is actually the villain and that Yuga (who is actually the anti-Impa) has actually been working for her the whole time. Perhaps the reason why they are trying to resurrect Ganondorf is so they can take over Hyrule since Lorule has basically fallen into ruin. I know it probably won't happen, but it would be an interesting plot development since Hilda IS basically the anti-Zelda, so it would be kind of logical for Hilda to actually be evil since Zelda is good. Just a thought.

  • Zeldafan17

    Wait… the artwork of Hilda shows that her staff doesn't have the Dark Triforce like in the trailer.
    Maybe she obtains the D.T. during the plot of the game.