Have you ever wanted your very own Master Sword? Well here is your chance. Up for auction on eBay is this exquisite steel replica of the Master Sword from Skyward Sword. Included with the sword is a leather inlaid pedestal to protect your unique piece of Hyrule history from damage. More pictures and info after the jump!




The specifications laid out by the seller are as follows:

– Hand-made custom built Master Sword replica.

– Full tang, 3/16″ carbon steel blade, sanded and polished to a shine.

– Triforce engraving on sword faces, and Triforce emblem on pedestal.

– Rust guard clear-coat on sharpened blade.

– Cast resin hilt and pommel.

– Hand-painted metallic blue/purple finish with golden accents.

– Oak handle, with 12-strand round plait braid – black leather.

– 42″ overall length, weighs ~5 lbs.

– Leather inlaid pedestal holds the blade sturdy, and prevents scratches.

– Made in North America.

At the time of this posting, the current bid was at $365, with roughly 22 hours left to go. Will you be the one to hold the Master Sword in your hands?

Source: eBay
Via: Nintendo Life
  • Baker1000

    Has to be the best replica to date?

    I can't help but think anyone who saw this guy with a sword that field must have ran a mile though.

  • Midnight C

    That's an exquisite replica; all of the tiny details appear accounted for and the color looks perfect. The pedestal is a great added touch! Whoever made that has an abundance of talent. Totally wish I could afford it!

  • Zeddy

    Well, I'm just going to be absolutely jealous of whoever gets this beautiful remake… If only I had more money to spare, and if there were more swords made so everyone can have such a great looking replica…

  • dramallama42

    *grabby hands*

  • How much is this sword until the moment?



  • wow, wonderful, have link master on ebay, i like

  • bigkol like this. it is good new

  • Sikaxis

    the thing sold for almost $1000 dollars… I'll just stick to cardboard