For a limited time, Club Nintendo is offering a downloadable copy of the original Legend of Zelda. The game can be redeemed for 150 coins and is playable on the 3DS. This is a great opportunity for those of you who bought the Wii U and The Wind Waker bundle pack. Just visit the Club Nintendo website to register your console and you’ll earn enough coins for the download. Other games available for download are Touch Solitaire, Super Mario Kart and ThruSpace. This offer ends Nov. 3rd.

Via: Nintendo Everything
  • craZ

    Wait, if it's plaable on the 3ds, you can't play it on the Wii U, right?

  • It would be great if LOZ was redeemable for the Wii U, because I have it on my 3DS already. I have Touch Solitaire, Super Mario Kart, and TLOZ already.

  • Groat Hardstroke

    Let's get LttP on the 3ds… with the four swords add on!