Super Smash Bros Toon Link

By now, many of you have likely already played around with making Link take selfies with the Picto Box in The Wind Waker HD–I know I certainly have. It looks like there’s yet more fun to be had snapping away at the little poser’s funny expressions in the new upcoming instalments of Super Smash Bros.,  if Toon Link’s screenshots are anything to go by. Here’s a new image, uploaded again by Smash series creator Masahiro Sakurai on the official Super Smash Bros. website.

He is seen jumping mid-air in a peculiar pose in the Wii U version’s Animal Crossing stage. He seems rather shocked; perhaps he spotted Mr. Resetti in the background? Hope he’s been remembering to save  his progress while playing with that fancy Picto Box…

Source: Super Smash Bros.
  • Emilio

    Honestly, i like more the SSBB version, this one has less details and, why toon link? couldnt they just put the new one is going to come out for 3DS?

    • Robert

      Because both versions will have the same characters, just different stages.

  • Doc

    Well this is rather late

  • I demand a dr. wily assist trophy where he flies around in his annoying capsule making that ear grating sound

  • MikeL

    Why does his hair cover his eyebrows?