One of the key elements of A Link Between Worlds is traveling between the Light and Dark Worlds. Link must be rolling in the Rupees, because he has a house in both worlds. Hit the jump to check them out!


Here we have Link’s Light World home. It’s a modest, two-story hilltop home. The lawn is well maintained. A scarecrow protects the lush garden from birds who are no doubt drawn there by the adorable stone bird bath. This home is situated in a desirable and friendly neighborhood with easy access to shopping.


Well the house is nice, but look at the location! It appears Link tried to spruce up the place with a purple paint job and matching flowers, but it will take more than a fresh coat of paint and a few plants here and there to make it more inviting. The skulls in the barren front yard are most unappealing and it appears he has some unfriendly neighbors. Let’s hope he didn’t shell out too many Rupees on this one.

Source: Tiny Cartridge 
Via: Nintendo Everything
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