One of the key elements of A Link Between Worlds is traveling between the Light and Dark Worlds. Link must be rolling in the Rupees, because he has a house in both worlds. Hit the jump to check them out!


Here we have Link’s Light World home. It’s a modest, two-story hilltop home. The lawn is well maintained. A scarecrow protects the lush garden from birds who are no doubt drawn there by the adorable stone bird bath. This home is situated in a desirable and friendly neighborhood with easy access to shopping.


Well the house is nice, but look at the location! It appears Link tried to spruce up the place with a purple paint job and matching flowers, but it will take more than a fresh coat of paint and a few plants here and there to make it more inviting. The skulls in the barren front yard are most unappealing and it appears he has some unfriendly neighbors. Let’s hope he didn’t shell out too many Rupees on this one.

Source: Tiny Cartridge 
Via: Nintendo Everything
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  • mcdude910

    Oh, God, I just had the weird thought that it would be neat as hell to find out that the dark world is actually just a post-apocalyptic future Hyrule and the portals are actually time-portals, but I guess there's evidence against that. Anyway, carry on.

    • Datahound

      technically if you think about it, the dark realm was originally the sacred realm but Ganon warped it into a wicked place, and it reflects his desires. So if he did open a portal to the light world permanently, in time the light world would become the dark world.

      Not exactly time-portals, but a view to the future of what would happen if Ganon ruled both the dark and light worlds. However time-portals have been used in Zelda games countless times so maybe in this version, thats what they are.

  • Corey

    wait a second. . . .is that the same house from LTTP? i mean i know its a sequel but that would just be really cool.

  • RPH1

    There's a rich vain of gems in that cliff. Maybe that's how he can afford 2 houses. When I first saw that before the jump, I thought I needed my pick axe from LOTRO.

    • craZ

      Hahaha, nice! You play LOTRO? Welcome to the family, brother. What's your character? Your main, I mean. Mine is Middleearthslasthope, lvl43 champion man!

      • RPH1

        Ryanaran (my 1st name & the Elf version of Ryan) lvl 30 Elf Hunter, but I have 5 that I play a lot. Padraigimli (Irish version of my middle name & Gimli of the Fellowship) lvl 28 Dwarf Champion. Linkwise Windwaker (Link+Samwise) lvl 21 undefeated Guardian Hobbit. Cithiel lvl 21 Elf Lore Master. Mirddin (Myrddin, the old name for Merlin, was taken) lvl 14 undefeated Dwarf Rune-Keeper.

        • craZ

          Nice! I totall got the LoZ and LOTR mixed one. That was clever! I'll friend one or two of these.

  • Trance

    His house in the Dark World from LttP turned into a bomb shop.
    Don't think he owns a house in ALBW, but would be pretty funny if he did.

  • Gutes Spiel um die Zeit totzuschlagen, gestern den ganzen Tag damit verbracht

  • TheGrave

    It'll be interesting to hear how this Dark World came about. The previous Dark World in ALttP was created because of Ganon obtaining the Triforce in the Sacred Realm, however it doesn't appear that this Dark World (despite looking to be the same) is the Sacred Realm. I really do wish Nintendo would hurry up and release some sort of info on the game's plot, because that's the only thing they seem to be tight-lipped about regarding the game.

  • ethan

    i smell a dark Link!