Super Smash Bros - Two Links

It’s not one, but two Links in today’s Super Smash Bros. screenshot, with regular and Toon Link showing off what appear to be their Up + B spin attacks in the Wii U version of the game. How unfortunate for the victim trapped in the middle of it. Series director and uploader of these screenshots, Masahiro Sakurai, puts it best in his recent Miiverse post: “The two heroes swing it out with a double Spin Attack! Wouldn’t wanna be to the one to get hit.”

It’s hard to make out through all the carnage, but it appears to be Donkey Kong who is trapped in the cyclones of blades. Or what’s left of him, at least. If you missed it, last week we saw the reveal of Toon Link in the upcoming fighting games.

Source: Super Smash Bros.
  • CEObrainz

    Does Toon Link look really tanned in this picture and is his hair a different shade of yellow? Perhaps this is a different skin for the character, but it does look a little weird.

    • Doc

      It's just the lighting.

  • craZ

    A Nintendo Direct is on 10/1/13. MM3D, please come! I know it probably won't be announced until after ALBW is out, but still want it to come soon.

  • Samantha

    Poor Donkey Kong.