After over a month of music from The Wind Waker, there is still room for one more Music Monday of that theme. Later this week on October 4th, the special edition Wii U plus the physical copy of The Wind Waker HD will launch. So sit back and enjoy the last two picks from this incredible game. Hit the jump to listen!

Mark’s pick

I have always had a thing for piano renditions of Zelda songs, so this piano duet fit the bill quite nicely! The Super Piano Brothers are just that. Super! The energy put into this performance is immense, and the result is an overwhelmingly awesome piece. Enjoy!

Amanda’s pick

First of all, let me just say that this guy can rock!  Youtuber FamilyJules7x specializes in guitar covers of video game music (he has a pretty awesome version of Duck Tales). To say he has incredible talent is an understatement. In this Wind Waker medley, he plays multiple guitars and an ocarina, delivering a seemingly effortless performance. Oh, and he wears a pretty cool hoodie too!

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