This year’s PAX Prime brought forth more gaming footage from the upcoming A Link Between Worlds.  A sequel to A Link to the Past, ALBW has several familiar features. Puzzles, keys, block moving and pot smashing are all present. It also appears the game includes the return of ALttP’s boss battle with Moldorm. Hit the jump to see the video!

The combination of a 3D world and Link’s ability to travel across walls gives the player the opportunity to travel areas that were previously inaccessible, creating a totally new experience.

A Link Between Worlds launches this November in the US, UK and AU.

Source: TheGameFanaticsTV
Via: Go Nintendo
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  • Datahound

    It's a shame no-one has outputted the in-game footage yet. Is there an output to HDMI on the 3DS because it would give a more defined view of the game. At the moment though I assume it would be difficult to record at Demo events.

    • FDSuprema

      No, there isn't an HDMI output on the 3DS, nor is there a commercially available accessory that allows video output to an external receiver.

  • heroofmask

    i just remembered something from the oracle games it said twinrova brough onox and veran from a place they called the dark realm not alttp dark realm i wounder if that will be the dark realm link will be going to and from in this game nintendo made it clear the dark realm in this game isnt the dark world in alttp hmm

  • craZ

    You can hear WWHD sounds in the distance in this video. I can't wait to get both ALBW and the bundle once I get enough money to buy the bundle and get ALBW for Christmas.