Great news for The Wind Waker HD! Roger Langford, Nintendo’s UK product manager, says the game is a “triple-A” new release, and will boost the momentum of sales for the Wii U consoles. The Wii U has struggled to get on its feet, but with The Wind Waker HD such a huge success with Zelda fans, Langford hopes to reach a slew of new players as well. Langford said:

 “It is the perfect time for Zelda fans to discover Wii U. For many Zelda fans, this is the first time that they’ll discover Wind Waker and we’re treating the game as a triple-A new release.”

Nintendo also hopes the remake of The Wind Waker can match the success of 3DS’ update of Ocarina of Time. Langford added:

“Ocarina of Time 3D performed positively on Nintendo 3DS and we’re looking to replicate this success with The Wind Waker HD.”

Do you own a Wii U? Do you plan to purchase one to play The Wind Waker HD?

Source: MCV
Via: Nintendo Everything