Zelda II Wii U VC

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link released on the Wii U Virtual Console a couple of weeks ago in North America and Japan, but unfortunately Europe was left out. Well, European readers won’t be kept waiting too much longer for this retro oddity in the franchise, as it will hit the European eShop this week on Thursday, 26th September at £3.49.

Source: Nintendo Life
  • Canyarion

    A Link to the Past soon? Would be smart before ALBW!

    • Reece

      Agreed, let's hope! I'd quite like having the option to play it on my GamePad.

  • Eric Slattery

    Now people can smash their game pads from getting frustrated with the difficulty of The Adventure of Link?

  • Mickii

    Uh, can I transfer it from my Wii?