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The artist Bill Mudron may be well-known by some of the Zelda community, but for those who don’t know him, let me fill you in. About two years ago he came up with the idea of a hand-drawn map of NES Hyrule in order to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the first Zelda game. His maps were featured in Nintendo Power magazine, and got plenty of attention within the community even after his work went out of print. This lead to a lot of fans requesting a reprint, and two years later he follows those requests and is now offering a reprint.


Map of Hyrule: Anniversary Edition

In case you aren’t interested in the NES games and would prefer to see some other world maps printed, we have another surprise for you: Bill Mudron also drew maps of A Link to the Past. Here you can choose between a labeled version that includes region names and item locations, as well as a non-labeled version that comes as a plain picture without any further information (as shown below).


A Link to the Past: The Light & Dark Realms of Hyrule (unlabeled)

If you are interested in owning one of these awesome pieces of art, feel free to visit Bill Mudron’s shop! However, keep in mind that he is just going to accept orders for reprints until 23rd September, and the prints are going to be shipped the first week of October. For the best experience, you may also want to consider purchasing the fitting box to store the map(s) in.

Update: The deadline for the pre-orders has been moved to  Tuesday,24th September, so keep in mind that this is going to affect the delivery date of your order as well. Furthermore the map of A Link to the Past was enchanted and more details have been added to it. We got some nice sneak peeks for you:

Haunted Grove

swamp of evil

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zelda 3 temp3

Source: Bill Mudron