When Link uses his "merge" ability, he becomes a 2D wall drawing, and can move along the wall.

When the 3DS was released Shigeru Miyamoto told Eiji Aonuma that he had this idea of using new hardware options in order to enchant the old gem A Link to the Past further. The goal was to make the two-dimensional game A Link to the Past into a game that could be playable in 3D by using the 3DS new feature.

“Using the 3D effect on Nintendo 3DS and making the two-dimensional A Link To The Past playable in 3D was kind of an assignment that Mr Miyamoto had given me after the release of Nintendo 3DS. However, I wanted to do more than just that. My main reason for wanting to do it was because this game is perfect for the part where Link turns into a drawing and moves along the walls.”– Eiji Aonuma

While the idea sounded very interesting to Eiji Aonuma, he wanted to do more than just that. His goals were bigger and the main reason why he started to work on the project A Link Between Worlds was, that he wanted to introduce us to new gameplay aspects that we had never seen before in a Zelda game. And we got plenty of those in A Link Between Worlds.

Link is able to turn into a drawing, move along the walls and see the world of Hyrule from a new point of view. At the same time we can tell that rupees are taking a bigger role in the game just as they did in Wind Waker HD. In the demo that was available to play at the PAX you found in almost every corner of the dungeon money, whether they were hidden in chests or just laying on the floor. We reported about this before: Rupees are no longer just for side-quests.

“The 3D effects are this title’s biggest addition in terms of the hardware’s performance and features. However, we have also introduced gameplay that never existed on previous Zelda games. Players who have become used to the series and who are expecting things to work a certain way will probably be very surprised, so I hope that they look forward to this.” – Eiji Aonuma

These are not all changes that had been made accordingly to Eiji Aonuma’s statement in the latest Official Nintendo Magazine, there are more gameplay changes about to be in the final game.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine UK
Via: Nintendo Everything
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  • RPH1

    This is gonna be my birthday present to myself even though it comes out after my birthday. I'm excited about this, but I'll have to make due with my all-time favorite game (Z:TWW) while I wait for the end of November.

  • TheShadwofChaos

    This sounds a bit like New Super Mario Bros 2 with all that money everywhere.

  • norebo

    Every game is designed to be played in 2D also, and now they released the 2DS. By doing so, they pretty much admitted that the 3D is just a fancy, unuseful gimmick.
    Come on Nintendo, stop trying to sell us 3D like it's an essential and unique feature. It's not, and you know well.
    Oh, and I HOPE this rupees thing isn't gonna be like force gems in FSA.
    Now come on; give me all the thumbs down you want, ZU reader, I don't care! 😛

    • Datahound

      I'm not going to give you a thumbs down, because in certain cases you are completely correct with your assumption, but in reality 3D is just another perspective with its own benefits. I play games from all eras and suggesting 3D is a gimmick seems a bit steep. I'm not a fan of appropriation, however I would confidently say that with a Link to the Past, there has been a sizeable fan basis who would love to see that transition. The original is still my favourite game of the series to this date, but in reality it has nothing to do with graphics. It is the core mechanic of gameplay which makes or breaks a game. So if a Link between worlds has an improved mechanic and 3D graphics, why should or would anyone complain.

      • norebo

        I wasn't talking about 3D graphics. Which I love in Zelda, btw. I was talking about the visual effect of the 3DS, pumped and advertized by Nintendo as the second coming of Jesus, now proved pointless and totally unnecessary with the release of the 2DS.

  • skywraith

    I actually don't think the 3D feature is so much a gimmick as much as it is unrefined technology. The sweet spot on the 3DS is so small that you have to hold the whole thing completely steady to avoid eye strain. With that said, it may never be possible to fully realize that kind of technology, but it was worth a shot. I dislike their idea to release a "2DS" however unless they're selling it for half the current price of the 3DS or at least adding new features. Their biggest mistake out of the whole thing is naming it the 2DS as this undermines the 3DS. They should have simply released it as a new Gameboy system.

    • norebo

      I agree