Wind Waker HD Bundle Unboxing Screenshot

As you most likely would have heard by now, Nintendo is releasing a special edition version of the Wii U deluxe model in honor of The Wind Waker HD‘s upcoming release. The bundle will include digital copies of The Wind Waker HD and Hyrule Historia, along with a black Wii U deluxe model, which has a special Zelda-themed Wii U GamePad. IGN has created an unboxing video of this bundle for your viewing pleasure (and to hype up those who are buying the bundle, of course). Check out the video after the break!

Source: IGN
Via: Nintendo Everything
  • minecraftlink99

    I want the gamepad but already have a wii U T_T

  • Craig

    Why is this site so slow with news? I saw this video the day it was uploaded. I'm finding that I'm only coming to this site through habit and not because of the content. It wasn't like this when Jason was in charge and it certainly never used to favour Australians (not really a complaint but it seems Cody is biased in who he wants to hire here).

    • Chad

      People were overly rude to Jason. He saved the site when it was about to go under and yet so many people complained about his performance. Cody is trying his best what we need to realize is that these people don't spend their lives perfecting this site they have other things to do and complaining doesn't help anyone.

    • RPH1

      Some people don't have all day to look at 25 video game sites. It's nice that they put it all together for us. Besides, they said you already know about this.

  • CrimsonMatt

    i refuse to watch what's in the bundle(except for that beautiful game pad) since i just pre-ordered mine on the weekend, so exciting to open the bundle.

  • CrimsonMatt


  • guest

    This is like, over a week old I think?

  • RPH1

    This bundle is nice, but I'm glad I have my black one already.

  • Guest

    that's hawt <3