Following from the announcement that ALBW will feature an orchestrated soundtrack, we have more good audio news. The visuals in Wind Waker HD aren’t the only aspect that are seeing an improvement, as the original audio has been enhanced significantly in the HD remake.

You can go here and play the sound player to listen for yourself. For each sound bite, the audio from the original game plays first followed by the enhanced WWHD version, giving a decent comparison and highlighting the added touches. You can also find another comparison in a video by GameXplain after the jump!

Source: Nintendo Everything, YouTube
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  • craZ

    Yeah, noticed this just listening to the videos from a little bit back. Love the new enhanced version.

  • craZ

    Wow, you can really tell how much it is changed through these. Wind Waker HD has very beautiful, rich music. Can't wait for this game.

  • Jon

    This was something I was really concerned about, but I'm glad that they decided to enhance the sound as well as the graphics. For me, it would have felt weird to play an awesome looking game with music that sounds dated.