Wind Waker HD Ganondorf Limited Edition Bundle

Sad news for US fans who missed out on the GameStop-exclusive Limited Edition of The Wind Waker HD bundled with a Ganondorf statue, as the retailer has already sold out of the bundles. UK readers may still be in luck though, and even better, may be able to make a pretty decent saving.

Customers on the GAME website can save £9 off of the bundle using the following voucher code: VCUKSEPT13. Simply enter the code in the Promotional Code box on the checkout page to deduct the price down to £51. If you’re interested, you may want to hurry before stock empties out! My Nintendo News reports that at one point the code could also be used on the WWHD Wii U bundle, but this no longer works as this may have been an error.

The UK kind of got the short end of the stick with GAME exclusively offering the product at £60, which is significantly more than the $60 (or £38) price point offered by GameStop. But while this promotional discount still doesn’t lower it to the US price, it’s still a great deal when you consider you’re getting the high quality statue along with the game.

Unfortunately for anyone hoping to import, you may be disappointed again as GAME do not ship orders outside of the UK and Ireland that are over 1kg–so you may be out of luck unless you have a kind, overseas relative.

Here’s the trailer for the European bundle:

Source: GAME
Via: My Nintendo News
  • Stephan

    Uhm……. it does let me select The Netherlands, it just costs me £3 for shipping. Is this some kind of error, or should I just take the deal and worry later?

    • Stephan

      Orderd! They’ll ship it to my address in the Netherlands… so your information on importing might be wrong.

    • Merq

      Why did you have to say that? I was perfectly fine being sad I couldn't get one of these, but then I read that and went to check and it agreed to deliver to Finland just fine, so I just clicked ok and… I don't even have a WiiU yet! And now I just ordered a game for it because I want that damn statue. This is all your fault. Well, yours and ZU's. And my complete lack of self control might have something to do with it too.

  • jos22

    Game said on face book that the statue set will not be shipped out side the UK

  • uhwebf

    I ordered mine in store, can i still use the code in store ?

  • Dark Wing

    dangit europe, you always get the best box art

  • Chris

    I've said before and I'll say it again: Canada does not get jack fucking squat >_>

    • PunchingOblivion

      How do you think Australia feels… 🙁

  • Baker1000

    Gee, thanks. I've already pre-ordered though and I don't want to cancel in case they're all gone.