Continuing our theme of The Wind Waker, today we’ll be highlighting two tracks that are featured in the boss fights. Definitely one of the most exciting times in a Zelda game, this boss music is sure to add some spice to your day. Hit the jump for this week’s Music Monday picks!

Amanda’s pick

While the battle with Gohdan is not one of my favorites (those giant hands drive me crazy!), the music is freakin’ awesome! As a piano player myself, I was excited to find a piano cover of the theme, played by TheIllusoryGentleman.The solo piano version really brings out the baroque qualities that I immediately fell in love with. Now I just need to find some sheet music so I can play it, too!

Mark’s pick

Today I sprung for a choir remix of the Mini Boss Theme. Created by FaroreRemix, it is a more calm take on the theme since it relies heavily on the choir vocals. If you enjoy this style, you can head on over to FaroreRemix’s YouTube page where there are a couple more Zelda and Nintendo remixes.