Ganon's castle

If you ever dreamed of living in a castle in the sky, here is your chance! Our friends over at Movoto, responsible for the Hyrule Castle financial infographic a while ago, have engineered for our enjoyment and consideration a summary of the worth of Ganon’s castle in Ocarina of Time. The variables used to determine how much this fine piece of real estate would sell for are some of those used in the actual housing market: Size, location and the worth of comparable properties. Some simple research and calculations led the writers at Movoto to the whopping price of $57,752,968!

Now, all you potential buyers out there must be wondering where on earth that number came from, so here are the logistics. Using the approximate size of adult Link, Movoto was able to estimate how large Ganon’s castle would be in real life. After some fiddling and maybe some enemy killing, the number we are presented with is 42,094 square feet. That’s a lot of room to hang out in, but the value of the square footage of one building does not necessarily equal that of another; location, quality of the neighborhood and more go into what makes property worth something.

In a previous piece, the writers at Movoto provided some specs on Hyrule castle, including a location: Tuscany, Italy. Since Ganon’s castle is piled on top of what used to be Hyrule castle, it is also in Tuscany. The countryside of Tuscany provides the perfect real world location for Ganon’s castle because that plot of land is under the shadow of Mont Blanc, or “Death Mountain,” just like Ganon’s castle is. Now that the location is known, all that is left is to determine a base price for the place, which is done via comparisons. Since castles should be compared to castles, not suburban homes, you will see where the high price tag comes from. For a castle in Tuscany you are looking at $1,372 per square foot, which easily racks up the dollars as we start to multiply that by 42,094 square feet.

Unfortunately, most of us are now out of the race for the coveted floating castle. But if you ask me, it would be a pretty creepy place to live in any way.

Ganon's Castle Inforgraphic

Source: Movoto
Via: Zelda Informer