Nintendo has just announced that a price cut will be occurring in regards to the Wii U Deluxe bundle. On September 20th, the company will cut the price by fifty dollars, leaving the console up for a retail of $299.99! Nintendo says that they are hoping this will help drive sales up significantly. So for those of you who might have been planning on buying this console before this date, you might want to hold on to your money for another month.

In addition to the price cut, Nintendo will be launching a limited edition bundle that includes a Wii U Deluxe console, a Zelda themed game pad, a digital copy of The Wind Waker HD, and a digital copy of Hyrule Historia. All of this for just $300! This confirms a couple of rumors that we have heard. Definitely a welcome bit of news, I’m sure many Zelda fans will be excited for this.

Source: USA Today
  • Evergreen

    Still Needs To Be Lower

  • Kaiserverus

    But the Game and Hyrule Historia will be just DLC 🙁

  • Windgod

    Even if the game and the book is DLC content, paying one extra dollar of the already discounted deluxe edition for the Zelda gamepad may be a buy for me.

  • craZ

    Couple things here. 1: Will the deluxe have Nintendo Land? 2: I have already read Hyrule Historia so boo. If the bundle doesn't come with Nintendo Land, what will the Wii U bundle plus Nintendo Land (the price is a bit lower than other games), and Mario 3d World cost? Please reply to this with the price (needs to include tax on everything)?

    • gravyfan

      Yes, the discounted deluxe bundle will have Nintendo Land, and no, that doesn't mean Nintendo is not using their brain. Giving the buyer another incentive to buy your console with virtually no extra cost to yourself is a good strategy.

      As to the price, you simply have to Google one thing to find that out. You have the Wii U bundle price ($300), standard sales tax is usually 7%, and then you just need to find out how much Mario 3D World costs. Quite simple really.

      • craZ

        Actually, no, it will not have Nintendo Land. And if you look at y last comment on this page you will see it is figured out already.

        • gravyfan

          Quoting directly from the source given in the post (USA Today), it says that the bundle will indeed come with Nintendo Land.

          "Nintendo announced the Deluxe version of the Wii U will sell for $299.99 starting Sept. 20. The bundle includes a black Wii U console with 32 gigabytes of storage, the tablet-style Gamepad controller and a copy of the game Nintendo Land."

          So this is good news, since you get it all for $321 (this includes tax).

  • craZ

    Wait, if it costs the same, Nintendo Land will have to be separate. Otherwise, Nintendo was just not using their brain. So please come up with a sum, tax and all (this includes the bundle Nintendo Land, and Mario 3D World.)

  • DanielGalle

    Is this discount will be able worldwide or just for USA? I wish it was worldwide so I can buy my WiiU with that price 🙂

  • craZ

    Guys, there is a picture of the deluxe bundle on the Wind Waker HD site. Looks pretty awesome. Nintendo is outdoing themselves. Only thing I think they have failed with is the 2DS (if you want to know more about this, visit Nintendo’s website.

  • TheGrave

    I wonder if the Wind Waker Wii U will be made available for pre-order? If so, I may end up getting one.

  • craZ

    If you are wanting Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle but also want Nintendo Land but it's not in the bundle, you can get the bundle and a pre-owned copy of Nintendo Land for $342, tax and everything. That's less than the Wii U Deluxe without tax (you know, before they cut the price)! This way you get the deluxe with a special Gamepad and two games for the price you would have paid (if they didn't cut the price) for the Deluxe and one game. Sweet, huh?

  • craZ

    are they going to do a Wii U game for free for those who ought the Wii U for 350 dollars, or what?

  • Hetaliaotaku24

    $300 is a lot of money D:

    • craZ

      Less than the deluxe WAS. At least there's a price drop. If you think about it, it's actually a big difference.

    • MikeL

      $300 is pocket change

  • Nayrugoddessofwisdom

    This is exactly what I have been waiting for! WiiU here I come!

  • Majin Zuko

    Are there gonna be free VC games for those of us who paid the full price for the Wii U just like there was for the 3ds?

    • craZ

      That was what I asked. I imagine there must. Like 2 or 3 VC games for them.

  • Apollo Serenus

    My friend just asked if I was okay after I read about the Zelda-themed deluxe edition. I was smiling, shaking, and breathing heavily.
    She grabbed my phone and started laughing. And in the middle of a BK LOUDLY announced that I’d just geek’gasmed.
    = how embarrassing. But still so stoked!!!