Nintendo has just announced that a price cut will be occurring in regards to the Wii U Deluxe bundle. On September 20th, the company will cut the price by fifty dollars, leaving the console up for a retail of $299.99! Nintendo says that they are hoping this will help drive sales up significantly. So for those of you who might have been planning on buying this console before this date, you might want to hold on to your money for another month.

In addition to the price cut, Nintendo will be launching a limited edition bundle that includes a Wii U Deluxe console, a Zelda themed game pad, a digital copy of The Wind Waker HD, and a digital copy of Hyrule Historia. All of this for just $300! This confirms a couple of rumors that we have heard. Definitely a welcome bit of news, I’m sure many Zelda fans will be excited for this.

Source: USA Today