Hey there, faithful readers! Have you ever wanted to see your own words proudly displayed at this spot right here and read by thousands of Zelda fans? Then this may just interest you! As the editor of our humble home page, I’d be the first to tell you that ZU has been consistently churning out fascinating news stories and content of late. But with two new Zelda releases mere months away, increasing rumours of the mysterious Wii U instalment and more and more amazing fan-made creations appearing online, the world of Zelda is busier than ever and we could use a hand.

If you are truly passionate about the Zelda series, and are a skilled writer with an excellent grasp of the English language, then I encourage you to apply. You can do so by shooting an email to But before you jump ahead, please read all of the information on our staff openings page, and remember we are always interested in any writing samples you may have. Please only consider applying if you are serious about this position and are prepared to commit to it. EDIT: While we are primarily searching for correspondents, feel free to apply for the other positions as there is always a chance that we could use your help too.

I look forward to hearing from you!