Wind Waker Collector's Edition Prima Official Game Guide

Collectors whose wallets already took a deadly blow last month from The Legend of Zelda Box Set, the big compilation of official game guides, may need to scrape out a few more Rupees. Prima Games is now releasing a special hardcover edition of The Wind Waker‘s guide.

So what’s so “special” about this version? The pages are gold-gilded and there is a cloth map of the Great Sea included, though sadly there are no images of the latter just yet. Amazon US has the hardback version available for pre-order at $31.78 and Amazon UK at £17.50, with the paperback versions priced at $18.91 and £13.60. Neither site provides a release date.

I’d imagine that this would ideally be released close to the time of The Wind Waker HD‘s launch, and with not long to go until then we’ll keep you updated. That said, the guide doesn’t specify that this is definitely for the HD version of the game. Does that gold material tempt you, or will you just stick with the box set?

Source: Amazon
Via: Nintendo Life