We’ve seen Midna in human form. Ever wonder how Navi would look if she were personified? Australian cosplayer Eve Beauregard‘s portrayal of Navi gives Link a reason to “listen!”


From the gauntlets and shoulder armor, to the Royal Crest and telescope, it looks like Navi is ready to fight for Hyrule (or at least tell Link where to go). The Kokiri Emerald adds a nice touch, and her hairstyle is reminiscent of Princess Zelda. The wings are exceptionally impressive with their stained glass effect. The asymmetrical design of the wings, along with the holes and occasional discolorations indicate that this version of Navi has definitely seen some action.



Eve Beauregard wore her Navi costume for SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show at the Sydney Convention Centre.

Source: Eve Beauregard CostumesDark Age Photography
Via: Destructoid 
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  • Dust

    Nothing about this really says 'Navi' to me, but she is very pretty – and I dig the costume out of context.

    It somehow feels a bit 80's. In a good way.

  • Trance

    I agree with Dust. I don't really see Navi in this cosplay
    But it's still a well done cosplay.

  • mattj


    • tkjlsrsb

      ^probably the best comment i've ever read on here.

  • RPH1

    I never realized Navi had such nice legs.

    Is that the Smash Bros. logo on her forehead?

  • Echon

    Costume details are very nicely done. I can see a lot of work went into it. I still don't really see Navi in it.

  • shadow_link

    Cab i see under the Hylian crest

  • GAMEover

    What is the deal with the pink bottle? Why would Navi need items? I wonder how much the costume cost. Its very pretty and i love the wings!
    Castle age B6108E

  • HyruleGuest1

    Sexy! Now that's the Navi I'd wanna take with me on a quest across Hyrule 🙂

  • she look like a boy 🙁

    • MikeL

      The boys must look very unusual where you come from.