Make room for another piece of fan art to come scorching into view in your browser, because today we have a particularly hot one. Scaldera is not known for being the hardest of bosses in Skyward Sword, but since it is the second one in line, that fact can be forgiven. Although it was easy, I found the fight to be memorable due to the very vivid presentation given to this demonic being. While Scaldera is reminiscent of the King Dodongo battle in Ocarina of Time, it builds on the structure by adding a step before it requiring you to throw bombs into the beast’s mouth.

The “Pyroclastic Fiend” is indeed articulated wonderfully by Deviantart user anokazue. Red, orange, and yellow all work together to create the fiery ambiance. The only point of contrast to these colors is the eye which draws attention to the critical part. What I love most about this piece is the fact that it is drawn from Link’s perspective. With this orientation, you really get to appreciate the size of Scaldera, which increases the overall intimidation factor.