Wind Waker HD Triforce Shard

During today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast, Satoru Iwata announced the European release date for The Wind Waker HD, which is October 4th–one week after the Japanese release. There is also some new video footage of the game after the jump taken straight from the North American Nintendo Direct, though unfortunately there was no specific date provided in this broadcast. The game simply remains with an October release window in North America.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t give us any interesting new info though, as Iwata confirmed that the Triforce quest has been “fine-tuned”. While he did not provide any further details on this, the footage clearly shows Link finding a shard in a dungeon-like area (at 1:15). It appears as though players no longer need to hunt for the Triforce charts, with the chests that once held the maps in the original game now giving you the shards directly.

Source: Nintendo Direct