Wind Waker HD Triforce Shard

During today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast, Satoru Iwata announced the European release date for The Wind Waker HD, which is October 4th–one week after the Japanese release. There is also some new video footage of the game after the jump taken straight from the North American Nintendo Direct, though unfortunately there was no specific date provided in this broadcast. The game simply remains with an October release window in North America.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t give us any interesting new info though, as Iwata confirmed that the Triforce quest has been “fine-tuned”. While he did not provide any further details on this, the footage clearly shows Link finding a shard in a dungeon-like area (at 1:15). It appears as though players no longer need to hunt for the Triforce charts, with the chests that once held the maps in the original game now giving you the shards directly.

Source: Nintendo Direct
  • Chris

    From what I see, there are no longer any Triforce charts. You just open the same chests that would contain the chart, but instead it has the shard itself. Maybe not all eight shards are in chests, but we'll just have to wait and see…

  • Tiller

    but…but…how will the children learn about tax and giving ridiculous sums of your hard earned cash to the government. (paying tingle for deciphering the charts)

    • reeceh92

      By playing Animal Crossing!

  • Or by getting the GCN copy and playing it on their Wii systems.

    • Guest

      Good luck to the people who could find the GCN copy without emptying their entire wallet and selling it too.

      • RockyRaccoon11

        I bought it for $35 or so. More expensive than other GCN (I got Luigi's Mansion, Mario Sunshine, Twilight Princess for cheaper), but still pretty cheap. Actually, my FSA was the most expensive. Game with everything the original came with and the box included, so it was like $60.

  • Allen

    I’ve got the GCN copy and gonna get the Wii U remix and compare them

  • Hawkx1

    Thank god they got rid of that that point was where I quit the game never played Ganon's Castle now I just need enough money to buy the Nintendo 3DS and the game now part-time job here I come.

    • This game is for Wii U only so you will have to buy the Wii U system.

      • RockyRaccoon11

        Dream killer.

        • Akhaten

          its only 3X what he thought he had to pay, it isnt that much 🙂

  • Lunamrath

    I… actually really liked the original Triforce hunt. It felt like a real, dedicated treasure hunt.

    Oh well, I guess.

  • I am thinking about preordering this game that way I can have it before the rest of those who wait to buy it in their local game stores.

  • Kael

    the polygons and animations for most of the models are exactly the same as the GC version. this is basically a new light engine. HD my ass.

    • Zack

      The art style is better in the original, but this art is by no means bad. It's better than in most games. And this game supposedly has better gameplay than the original, so I feel this one will be significantly better.

    • Lunamrath

      Do you even know what HD means? New geometry and animations doesn't make something HD, upgrading it from SD to HD makes it HD.

    • DarkLink1996

      Playstaiton 1/2 games were rereleased in "HD" and featured almost no changes

  • LexKitteh

    I'm a little disappointed. I know many people didn't like having to treasure hunt for the Triforce shards after finding the charts, but I thought the point was that you were retrieving them underwater from old Hyrule. Now they're just on the surface?

    • RPH1

      Great point. I didn't have a problem with the hunt, or OOT's Water Temple. I think people are just trying to nit-pick 2 of the best games, ever. There's a lot I wish they would fix about Zelda II, like having to retrace your steps and loosing all your experience points when you die.

  • Reask

    I dunno, going out to sea for treasure hunting was one of my favourite past times in The Wind Waker. This seems like a missed opportunity to add a new dungeon that will contain the Triforce in it.

    Ah well, if it fixes up the pacing toward the end of the game that's fine, but didn't you have to pay Tingle to read the maps to the Triforce? Now with the maps gone, what is the point of Tingle?

    • Cyberian

      and where can you spend your superfluous rupees?
      I usually have too much rupees in every Zelda game.

  • MDH

    Now you can pay Tingle thousands of Rupees to open up the Triforce shard mini-dungeons for you!

  • doug

    The thrill of seeing the beam of light in the middle of the open sea in the middle of the night…gone!

  • It has some mild language and if you are offended by that, please stay away from this video. But other than that, enjoy the glitches!