Wind Waker HD Japanese Box Art

Japanese Wii U owners are now only a couple of months away from the launch of The Wind Waker HD, as Nintendo have announced on their official site that the game will hit Japanese stores on September 26th. There is still no specific release date for other territories yet, with North American and European release windows still set for October.

You can also feast your eyes on the Japanese box art above, which includes artwork that may be familiar with fans by now but is no less beautiful–it’s a very vibrant, eye-catching cover.

Source: Nintendo Japan
  • While this box art will be great, I see USA getting the GCN Box art redone to have the NFC and Blue coloring too. It won't be as great as the Japanese Wii U boxart tho.

    • RPH1

      What do NFC and tho mean? I'm a fan of the AFC. Go Texans!

      I hope we get a gold cover with New Hylean writing on it.