Zelda Predictable Screenshot

Many video games are predictable (especially more recent games). Numerous enemies will react in the same way, items will always be in the same spot, etc. Have you ever thought that a game might be so predictable that it plays exactly the same way every time? YouTube user Sean Klitzner has. Sean put together a very informative video on the original Legend of Zelda‘s predictability.

It’s really interesting to see the science behind the randomized enemies, their movements, and several other variables in the game. Check out the video after the break!


Source: YouTube
Via: GoNintendo
  • Eric

    This explains almost every FPS. But no, for the most part, Zelda games surprise you with a lot of things, other than whatever you get in the dungeon you will use to get to the boss in that dungeon pretty much or on the boss. But it forces you to look everywhere for things sometimes. Some enemies have patterns though. The puzzles are where the design is meant to be different every time for every dungeon, and monsters do have some patterns, but it is different than most games are with their AI.

  • The field-town-dungeon-field-town-dungeon mechanic is certainly predictable. I'm praying that they'll change that for the next game. They said they would for Skyward Sword but they didn't (saying that, they also claimed that the Skyloft residents would be at different places depending on the time of day but they didn't even have time in Skyward Sword let alone moving residents??) They said they'll change that for the new Zelda Wii U so I hope they'll go through with it this time.

    • TSoC

      SS does have day/night, but you have to go to a bed and choose to sleep until night time. I also remember them saying you would have many populated islands to explore in the sky which ended up being barely true as well.

  • I enjoyed your entries on Toxic Words – such great thoughts and a wonderful reminder to watch the words I use – to be positive and kind and use words to build up rather than tear down. 🙂

  • Fun Fact: The Legend of Zelda's monster drops are so well understood that it's been used to expose a speedrunner for cheating.