ZU Brawl Tournament

It’s time to mourn Brawl with excitement until its dying breath, and before the new set of SSB games take over! ZU is set on defining the best Brawler of our worldwide community, and celebrating the end of an entire generation of Super Smash Brothers.

Sign-ups for this tournament are now set to end this Wednesday, July 31 by midnight Central. Hit the jump for everything you’ll need to know in order to sign up and compete with the best.


If you haven’t already, register to become a member of our ZU forums and, while you’re at it, become part of the world’s largest Legend of Zelda fan community!

Visit the Thread

Hop into the official thread where you’ll find the simple steps to register for the tournament, the rules you’ll follow and the prizes you can win.

To register, post inside that thread and include the following info:

  • Your Friend Code ♥ (Not to be confused with the 16-digit Wii FC)
  • Your main character (You’ll be able to use whatever characters you want in the tournament, but this is the character you’ll be representing. “Random” is acceptable)
  • Times you’re available to play (include your timezone)
  • Your country (represent it proudly!)
  • Skype handle (Optional. It’s highly recommended to communicate with your opponent via Skype to set up a time to play and talk about you and your opponent’s preferences.)
  • While you’re at it, tell us if you’d be interested in participating in a doubles round

Stick Around

Do your best to commit to this event and be ready to start the match with your next opponent. The thread will be updated constantly as the tournament moves on, and organizers will make sure to notify you when you’re up and who you’re up against. Participants are expected to start the day after signups end and be given up to 48 hours to complete their rounds and post their results.

Expect updates on the front site, too as we cover the latest happenings of this tournament and prepare signups for a (possible) doubles round.

See you there!

  • Bland

    What do you mean "Last Chance" this is the first time an article has been written about it.

    • IGNIS

      Last chance as in it's literally the last chance to sign up before tomorrow, Wednesday by midnight. D:
      But, yeah, this was the only opportunity we had to announce the event here on the front page.

      @Justin: lag's part of the deal on this one, dude. You sign up knowing there's a guarantee of lag being there or you don't. (:

    • reeceh92

      People in the forums have known about this for a while. This is simply a heads-up to those who only visit the home page.

  • Justin

    Online tourneys are so unreliable due to lag.

  • Jimmy Johnson

    How do I sign up? I can't compete until after August 4th, though.

    • IGNIS

      Hey, man. Everything's on the article above. If you haven't become a member of the ZU, forums. Get into the official thread and post all the information we need for you to sign up. It's all in the article.

      Unfortunately, though, it looks like the first set of matches will begin as soon as this Thursday, August 1, with the possibility of that first set ending on the 4th before we move on into the next one.
      You should still sign up, though, and try to complete your matches by the deadline. You may also get a shot at participating in the consolation bracket– that's right after August 4.

      Likewise, you may want to wait for an upcoming doubles round.

  • Jimmy Johnson

    Never mind! I learned how to read! Haha

  • Radeen

    is it sign up by the end of today, so LIKE MIDNIGHT OF JULY 31st or is it already done:(

    • IGNIS

      You've got about 4 hours left!